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Exclusive Boy Scout Abuse Leads that are Ready to Litigate
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Exclusive Boy Scout Abuse Leads that are Ready to Litigate

For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., helps law firms handling personal injury cases or class action lawsuits attract clients. These firms not only want to be profitable, they help their communities. Their clients include those who genuinely need legal help, including boys and men sexually abused when they were Boy Scouts. They have until November 16 to file claims against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) or they will lose their right to do so.

BSA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February. At the time, it faced 275 abuse lawsuits with potentially another 1,400 more cases to come. BSA paid more than $150 million in settlements and legal costs from 2017 to 2019. The organization states the bankruptcy filing will enable it to consolidate legal claims and pay plaintiffs. In May, the judge in the bankruptcy case set a deadline of November 16 for abuse victims to make a claim against BSA.

Edward Lott, Ph.D. and President of ForLawFirmsOnly states, "We estimate that we will be able to generate 300-400 more Boy Scout clients by the November 16th deadline. Attorneys looking for BSA clients should contact us as soon as possible."

BSA’s bankruptcy petition lists potential liabilities to 25 law firms with clients suing the organization. One group of plaintiffs’ attorneys claims it has nearly 2,000 clients. About 17 states allow sexual abuse victims to file lawsuits that would otherwise be dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

Lawyers representing a plaintiff filed a lawsuit against BSA in Philadelphia in 2019 claim they’ve identified 350 scoutmasters and volunteers who abused scouts not previously known by police or BSA. They also allege the organization continues to cover-up the abuse and the organization knew of sexual abuse of scouts for decades.

For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., connects law firms to the potential clients it needs. Obtaining solid cases involving Boy Scout abuse might be the hardest task facing a plaintiff law firm. For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc.’s Zero Risk leads can make that difficult task a thing of the past.

How does it work?
• Prospects search for lawyers or legal information, find a web property, sponsored ad, social advert, or a TV ad and call a tracking number or complete a form to Request a Free Consultation with a local law firm.

• The advertising is focused on Connected TV, Google Maps, organic SEO (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook. Depending on the ideal client profile, ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., may turn to other, more productive platforms.

• Unlike other ad agencies, we have experience with several different ad platforms, so the company uses the right one for the job. For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., focuses on mobile marketing, using voice search, to capture some of the best and highest converting leads.

• Our proven screening process removes the invalid leads from the capture system. All plaintiff documents MUST be signed for the lead to be sent to a firm. If the plaintiff does not sign all the documents, a firm is not sent the lead. No risk to the firm means Zero Risk leads.

• Once screened to ensure quality, a member of our Intake Team walks a prospect through the process. The potential client will sign the firm’s retainer and HIPPA documents. For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., may also have a medical investigator review the case, get the firm’s retainer and HIPPA and HITECH releases signed and take photos when appropriate.

For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., connects those who need legal help with those who provide it. More than 7,800 individuals allegedly abused 12,254 Boy Scouts over the years, according to testimony during a Minnesota BSA trial last year. That’s thousands of men and boys we are trying to reach to help them get the compensation they deserve and hold their abusers accountable before time runs out.

Learn More About Why Law Firms Should Select For LawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., As the Firm’s Primary Boy Scout Abuse Litigation And Client Acquisition Agency.


For more information, press only:
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Phone number: 855-943-8736 x-101 (Toll Free)
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